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Return Policy

After Sales Services:

We strive to provide customers with a complete after-sales service. Should you have any enquiry in regards to our products and services, please contact us at Info.hk@dependcosmetic.com

我們會為客人提供完善的售後服務。如閣下對我們的產品或服務有任何查詢,請電郵至 Info.hk@dependcosmetic.com 與我們聯絡。

7 Days Exchange Policy:

Products can only be exchanged under the two circumstances below:

  1. Damaged Product: We understand products might be damaged during delivery in particular cases, so we offer “7 Days Exchange Policy” for damaged product.

  2. Wrong Product: We offer “7 Days Exchange Policy” for item(s) that is different from what you have ordered.

Please follow the exchange procedures and policies as follows:

  1. Full name

  2. Receipt number

  3. Detail description of product problem

  4. Attach a photo of the damaged or wrong item
  • If the exchange reason is accepted, Info.hk@dependcosmetic.com will send you an “Exchange Confirmation” email.
    如換貨理由被接納,Depend HK 將發出 "換貨確認" 電郵

  • Upon receipt of the “Exchange Confirmation” email from Depend Cosmetic HK, please mail us back the item within 7 days, which will be based on your delivery date stamped by the delivery company.

    請於收到 Depend Cosmetic HK 所發出之“換貨確認電郵”後7天內 (按照運輸公司蓋章的交收日期) 將貨品寄回下列地址。

  • Item must be in its original purchase condition. Packaging must be unopened, unused, unmarked and not defaced in any manner.

  • Items purchased as part of a set or a multi-item pack must be returned as a whole set.

  • Gifts with purchase and samples must also be returned if they are included in the purchase.

  • Depend Cosmetic HK is the official distributor of all brands carried. Active ingredients of the product are listed on their respective pages to help identify any sensitivity to certain ingredients. As different skin types and skin conditions may react differently to our products and brands, it is always best to know and understand how your skin reacts to different products and ingredients. If you encounter any problem, please send a detail description along with pictures to Depend HK within 7 days of receiving the product(s). We will communicate this to the brand and try our best to help find an appropriate solution. 
    Depend Cosmetic HK為網站內所銷售之品牌的正式經銷商。如屬敏感性肌膚,請參閱產品頁面所列出之活性成分以確保不會對產品過敏。然而不同肌膚類型和皮膚狀況均有可能對不同產品或品牌產生不同反應,所以敬請知道及了解你的皮膚對不同產品和成分的反應。如遇到任何問題,請於收到產品7天內連同照片電郵至 info.hk@dependcosmetic.com  詳述所發生之問題,我們將會向品牌反映並盡力協助找出合適的解決方案。

  • While Depend Cosmetic HK guarantees the best product quality, as the ingredients are mainly organic and natural, the ingredients (plant or fruit) colour and fragrance may vary from time to time due to the change of local weather and other natural factors during plantation, thus Depend Cosmetic HK cannot guarantee unique colour or fragrance for the same product. The exchange is therefore not accepted whereby their natural colouring or fragrance is different from your previous order.
    保證所發售之產品為最佳質量,但因產品成分主要為天然有機,各成分 (植物或水果) 的顏色和香味會因產地之天氣轉變或種植過程中的變化而有所不同,不能保證同一產品均擁有一樣的顏色或香味。因此如產品與之前所購買的顏色或香味有別將不獲換貨。

  • One exchange per order only.

  • No refund. Exchange only.

  • No exchange for samples and gifts.

  • Depend Cosmetic HKis not responsible for any problem caused by misuse of products.
    如因誤用產品而導致任何問題 Depend Cosmetic HK恕不負責。

  • While Depend Cosmetic HK is responsible for the re-delivery cost, the cost of returning any item to Depend Cosmetic HK is the customer's responsibility.
    Depend Cosmetic HK 將負責向客人送貨之運費,而向 Depend Cosmetic HK 退回任何產品所產生之運送費用需由顧客承擔。

  • Exchange will not be proceeded unless the above requirements are fulfilled.

  • Depend Cosmetic HK reserves all right of the final decision on goods exchanged and relevant matters.
    Depend Cosmetic HK 保留換貨及相關事項之最終決定權。

Exchange Shipping address:
Depend Cosmetic HK

Depend Cosmetic HK